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2012 News
 Chelsio Announces Unified Wire API for 40G, 100G Ethernet
 Dec 20, 2012
 WhiteHat Security's Organization Scales With Its Customer Base
 Nov 14, 2012
 Gnodal and Chelsio Complete 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Server Adapter Testing  Nov 13, 2012
 Toolwire and Florida Virtual School Develop "Virtual Internships" for Web Design
 Nov 8, 2012
 iWatt Controllers Cut No-Load Power Consumption
 Oct 25, 2012
 MEMS Device Downsizes Clock Generator
 Oct 23, 2012
 Chelsio Announces Unified Storage Motherboard
 Oct 18, 2012
 LED Engin Demonstrates Emitters and Modules that Revolutionize Size, Performance, Control and Reliability
 Oct 12, 2012
 Eskom, South Africa's electricity utility rolls out Immersive Learning program with help from Toolwire  Oct 1, 2012
 Looking for the 'Next Big Thing'? Ranking the Top 50 Start-Ups
 Sept 27, 2012
 Chelsio Communications Launches Unified Storage Server Appliances  Sept 26, 2012
 Chelsio Releases 10GbE RDMA Adapter for Windows Server 2012 SMB Direct
 Sept 18, 2012
 iWatt's SSL LED Drivers Feature Flickerless Technology and Patented Digital Dimming Control  Aug 31, 2012
 LED Engin's New 7mm LED Emitter Boosts Output by 250% to 1350 Lumens
 Aug 29, 2012
 Toolwire Once Again Named to Inc. 500|5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America
 Aug 21, 2012
 Discera Ships World's Smallest, Thinnest Production Oscillator
 Aug 20, 2012
 iWatt AC-DC Chip Allows Tiny Wall Plug Adapter
 Aug 13, 2012
 WhiteHat Security Selected as an AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner for Second Consecutive Year
 Jul 19, 2012
 ERT acquires Pittsburgh-based Invivodata
 Jul 09, 2012
 WhiteHat Security's Sentinel Source: The Best Approach for a More Secure Web  Jun 11, 2012
 iWatt Files for $75M IPO
 Jun 04, 2012
 Chelsio's Unified Storage Server delivers High Availability, iSCSI scaling to Petabyte Level
 May 23, 2012
 Invivodata's COA smarts to ease electronic migration of UCB trial instrument  May 10, 2012
 Led Engin's ViviLux Platform combines High Lux-on-Target, High CRI  
 May 08, 2012
 All American Partners with LED Engin to offer emitters, lenses and modules
 May 04, 2012
 iWatt ICs Power 200W Street Lights
 May 03, 2012
 Toolwire and Sidran Institute Develop Simulation for Trauma-Informed Care
 May 01, 2012
 LED Engin Successfully closes Series E Funding Round
 Apr 23, 2012
 Chelsio Demonstrates over One Million IPOS Storage Solution
 Mar 29, 2012
 iWatt's Digital LED driver technology eliminates harmful flicker
 Mar 24, 2012
 WhiteHat Security selected by AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 Winner  Mar 20, 2012
 Chelsio 10Gb Unified Wire Adapters earn NetApp's Ethernet Advantage Program Certification  Mar 06, 2012
 Toolwire and Midwest Consortium Unveil First-of-its-Kind Student Enrollment Tool
 Mar 05, 2012
 Virtual practice makes perfect - Toolwire helps students learn skills online
 Mar 02, 2012
 Michigan DOT upgrades its Intelligent Transporation System with Sensys Networks
 Mar 02, 2012
 Discera Ships World's Highest Performance MEMS Oscillators
 Mar 02, 2012
 iWatt Ships One Billion Products
 Feb 22, 2012
 Invivodata's DiaryPRO contributes to successful New Drug Application for INSYS Therapeutics
 Feb 15, 2012
 Horizon Ventures Sells SBA Stake to Industry Ventures  Feb 14, 2012
 LedEngin to showcase halogen-like dimming from a single LED emitter 
 Feb 01, 2012
 LedEngin's new connector boards enable faster, easier assembly of LED fixtures
 Jan 31, 2012
 Montgomery County Community College partners with Toolwire and Citrix for IT training  Jan 19, 2012
 PINC Solutions on Food Logistics Magazine Top 100 software and technology providers  
 Jan 17, 2012
 WhiteHat Security recognized as a Market Challenger in Dynamic Application Security Testing  Jan 11, 2012
 DSC Logistics Tracks Trailers using RFID system provided by PINC Solutions
 Jan 10, 2012
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